Welcome to The WOW Factor

With our new website come our new blog, The WOW Factor.

Here is our promise to you, as you are going to want to come back – and often!

  • First, we promise to deliver excellent tips and best practices for all in the industry on how to ensure you are delivering The WOW Factor in your events and conferences
  • Second, any announcement, or press release on our fearless leader (Bettyanne), or our company, will be featured here. Keep in the loop on the awesome stuff we are up to!
  • Third, we will be regularly delivering resources, like checklists for example, that will help you either select the perfect event management professional for your needs (hint..hint…us!)
  • Next, we will feature cool things happening in the industry at-large
  • And finally, yes, we will have a few rants, so keep your eyes open for them!

We hope you enjoy! Stay tuned!

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