ProPlan Conferences & Events Principal, Bettyanne Sherrer, CMP, CMM, Inducted into Hall of Fame


ProPlan Conferences & Events Principal, Bettyanne Sherrer, CMP, CMM, Inducted into the Hall of Fame for the Second Time

Bettyanne Sherrer, CMP, CMM, Principal of ProPlan Conferences & Events has been inducted into the Meetings Industry Hall of Fame in 2019 – marking the second time Bettyanne received this prestigious honor.

In 2019; Bettyanne was inducted with fellow colleagues Reggie Lang (WestJet) and Candace Schierling (Tourism Saskatoon) under the Big Idea Category. This category was introduced in 2014 to honor an individual planner or supplier who has come up with and helped to implement an idea that has improved the productivity, profitability, culture and/or operational systems of a specific company/business.

Bettyanne, Reggie and Candace were awarded this honor because of their strategic work and production of the VIPlane Experience, leading up to the PCMA Canadian Innovation Conference in Victoria, BC.

Click here to see a short video featuring the VIPlane experience (1 minute, 30 second). Video courtesy of Freeman Audio Visual Canada.

This marks the second time that Bettyanne Sherrer, CMP, CMM has been inducted into the Meetings Industry Hall of Fame. In 2013, she was inducted under the Industry Planner Category.

The Industry Planner category celebrates Canada’s top meeting or incentive-travel planner—someone who represents everything a planning professional should be.

About the Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was launched in 2009 by Meetings + Incentive Travel Magazine and is now carried forward by CMEExpo, Canada’s largest tradeshow and conference for meeting and event professionals.

The mandate of the Hall of Fame is to recognize and celebrate individuals who have distinguished themselves in the Canadian meetings and incentive travel industry. It is the only independent awards program for event professionals and suppliers in the country.

Bettyanne’s Rant: Why Pick On the Little Guys?

Well, it did not take too long to post my first rant.

I have a client – a delightful client – who has asked me to help produce a workshop series to introduce some incredibly important content to the healthcare sector. While I cannot name their organization specifically – trust me – not only is this content near and dear to my heart, it is SO important to the welfare of many of our citizens in Ontario – and Canada.

We have rounded out months of ongoing work with a key event coming soon; and as expected, I am in the midst of reviewing both BEOs and AV estimates from the hotel of choice. And I am astounded.

I do not require a ton of AV for this event (not like some of the other conferences and events that I do) – it is about the content; a screen, podium and small sound system is all I need. So when I see an estimate that is 3 times more than I have paid for the exact same equipment elsewhere, of course – I question it. The only difference is this hotel is in the GTA and not a smaller city in the province. While I understand supply and demand (yes, of course prices are higher in Toronto), but 3x more? Again, I had to question it. Unfortunately the responses I received offered no solutions, just justification. I was “schooled” on why it is SO pricey (the equipment has to be set up, it’s not a permanent installation), and that I also have to pay a gratuity on top of that (which I was advised is an industry standard)…SERIOUSLY?!

Is this client huge revenue for them? NO. Do they have repeat business? Not likely – at least not in the foreseeable future.

So, there are two things that bother me here. If the value of this event was bigger, I could negotiate show rates vs day rates on rentals and look to other ways to reduce these costs – but we are just the little guy here. It was already a struggle to get space when our bedroom to meeting space ratio was way off.

Second, we know that AV companies pay a large premium back to the hotel for the privilege of being their in-house AV supplier. So why is my client being asked to also support the financial arrangement by paying out an additional 18% service charge? I have no problem paying a fair price for quality goods and services. I’m just not seeing the value here.

In this new reality of amalgamation – the little guy is losing…

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