Our RFP Process

ProPlan can take over the tedious task of preparing and sending out RFPs regarding any conference or conference related services. We will obtain the necessary information, and help you make the right decisions.

Our services include Request For Proposals regarding:
- Venue and accommodations
- Printers & design houses
- Show service companies
- Sign companies
- Audio-Visual services
- Entertainment companies
- Décor companies, and more!

Our Documentation Process

To ensure a seamless event, it takes the right documentation to run the event on-site.
ProPlan ensures that your event is ready from all aspects, documenting everything in the following areas:
- On-site event script: This document is both an overview of needs (like housekeeping items), and the details of all timing, sponsorship recognition, etc.
- Technical Script: Created specifically for the tech team, we create a technical script to include speaker preparation, slide deck timing, etc.
- Production Schedule & Event Resumé: We create this document for the key partners (like the venue) to ensure key contact information and supplier logistics are clearly outlined.